POLL: Nearly Half of Americans Support Jobs Guaranteed Program

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Sen. Bernie Sanders appears to be winning over voters by floating the idea of a federal government program that guarantees all Americans a $15/hour job with health insurance.

Rasmussen Reports found nearly half of likely voters -- 46 percent -- like the idea of guaranteed jobs.  But who are these people?

“Women more than men.  Voters under 40.  Blacks a lot more than whites and other minorities.  So, it's kind of the Democratic base if you will,” says Fran Coombs, managing editor of Rasmussen Reports.

However, Coombs says poll questions can be deceiving since Sen. Sanders has strategically left out a possible cost for such a program.

“If we say this program is expected to cost taxpayers x billion dollars, you can be sure that number would drop dramatically,” he says.  “It's just like there's big support for free college, but the minute you say taxpayers are going to fund it, support goes down.”

“When a pricetag is put on it, it becomes a lot less real in the eyes of most voters.”

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates an annual cost of $543 billion to create 9.7 million full-time jobs.

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