Liberals killing conservative takes on college campuses

A new study on 51of the 66 top-ranked liberal arts colleges revealed that not a single registered Republican can be found on staff in 39 percent of those schools.

The Heritage Foundation’s Policy Analyst Mary Clare Amselem said that’s shocking because the partisan breakdown in the general population is pretty much split down the middle.

The study found the only universities found to be a 50-50 split of both parties were military institutions—West Point Academy and Naval Academy.

Amselem said it’s becoming clear than universities are not teaching two sides of every story, which is doing a disservice to students who are attending to expand their minds.

“Students are getting the message loud and clear that if you hold conservative or even libertarian values, that that is not welcomed on college campuses and that you are going to be taught something radically different and that’s why I think why we’re seeing a lot of students come out either confused or severely leftist existing these college campuses,” said Amselem.

She said colleges are underscoring the importance of diversity, and the diversity of thought is severely lacking.

“I think our universities are starting to look less like laboratories of ideas and more like indoctrination centers,” said Amselem.

She said there needs to be a healthy debate on college campuses. Some of colleges are seeing a decrease in enrollment.

The study broke partisanship down by departments as well. Stating:

Engineering departments have 1.6 Democrats for every Republican.

Chemistry and economics departments have about 5.5 Democrats for every Republican.

The Democrat-to-Republican faculty ratio in anthropology departments is 133-to-1.

Communications departments’ ratio is 108-to-zero.

The researcher “could not find a single Republican with an exclusive appointment to fields like gender studies, Africana studies, and peace studies.”

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