Will Facebook make it harder to find conservative views?

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We know social media is biased in favor of the left. But Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is making one move that could hit the right even harder.

Zuckerberg announced that Facebook has started putting in system ranking news organizations based on "trustworthiness." Melissa Mackenzie with the American Spectator says the problem isn't only with Zuckerberg, it's about the people he has under him.

“When everybody is ubiquitously left leaning and liberal, you’re going to have bias. That’s what you have at Facebook, and that’s what you have at Twitter,” Mackenzie explained.

That means that if you aren't seeing conservative viewpoints in your feed now, it'll be tougher for you to get to content from sites like the American Spectator or Breitbart.

“With algorithm changes like at Facebook where they are not even putting your content into someone’s feed to share, users have to seek you out,” Mackenzie said.

And all of this has led a group of conservatives, including former Attorney General Edwin Meese to put out a statement demanding Facebook "rectify their credibility with the conservative movement" by explaining why certain content is taken down.

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