Soldiers Taught How to Kiss

Now that you’ve filed your 2018 federal Income Tax return, you can rest comfortably knowing your government is putting your hard-earned money to good use: teaching soldiers how to kiss.

The Date Safe Project has been commissioned by the Pentagon to teach service members the best way to end a date. Founder Mike Domitrz says it is part of April’s Sexual Assault Month training, and a part of a government contract that has paid almost $700,000 over nine years.

In one appearance speaking with high school students that was posted on You Tube, Domitrz explains that ending a date with an intimate request for a goodnight kiss, rather than being having a negative impact on the night, often leads to a more positive relationship in which both parties feel comfortable. “Now, gender rules don’t say one person makes the move and the other one is more passive, which is incredibly unhealthy,” he suggests. “So if somebody wants to be sexual with you, you deserve to have a choice.  If you want to be sexual with another person, you deserve to have a choice.”

The company has also received a $100,000 to instruct US troops about consuming alcohol.

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