Many Caravan Asylum-Seekers Not Eligible

Dozens more asylum-seekers from that Central American caravan were allowed into the U.S. from Tijuana Thursday, despite sharp criticism they have no grounds to enter.

Many claim they're escaping "political unrest," "violence" and "extortion."

However, Andrew "Art" Arthur, a former immigration judge now with the Center for Immigration Studies, says that does not make them eligible for asylum.

"The fact they passed through other countries on their way to the United States can be a discretionary factor, asylum is a discretionary form of relief number one. 

And two, it suggests their reasons for coming to the Unites States are more economic than they are humanitarian."

He thinks the caravan was a big PR stunt to begin with.

"They went twice as far through Mexico to get to Tijuana which is right next to two major media markets, San Diego and Los Angeles, and I believe that was done deliberately in order to get us much press attention as possible," says Arthur.

The Trump administration calls it a "deliberate attempt to undermine our laws and overwhelm our system."

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in a speech in October, mentioned the fact that half of those who passed credible fear review never end up filing asylum applications, which suggest their claims are not strong to begin with," Arthur added.

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