PODCAST: Why does Generation Z lean conservative?

If you believe the mainstream media, all kids today are liberal. But that isn’t necessarily the case.

In the past we have told you that ‘Generation Z,’ kids born in 1998 or after 1998, have been leaning towards conservatism. But what you haven’t heard is why, and from a member of Generation Z, either.

That’s about to change.

Johnathan Jett is 20, a college student in Oklahoma, and he recently wrote about this for 'The American Thinker.’ He tells KTRH the way the left is acting these days is one reason why he's opted for conservatism.

“It turns people off. A lot of what they do is predicated on hate,” Jett told KTRH. “A big part of it is some of the extreme positions the left has taken.”

Jett also says he's not the only one in his crowd of friends that think this way. It may not be an overwhelming majority, but it's more than you think.

“I’d say at this point it’s either an even split or slightly leaning to the right,” Jett said.

And he adds that another reason you see this shift away from the left is because with social media, kids his age can take in all opinions, and make their own decisions about which side to take.

“Anyone with a cell phone can be a reporter or can give their opinions. So you have massive variety of opinions now,” Jett explained.

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