Trump to speak at NRA convention in Dallas tomorrow

The NRA convention is back in Texas this year, getting underway in Dallas tomorrow. And among the speakers will be none other than President Donald Trump.

He will be addressing the 70-thousand plus that will be there, including former Harris County prosecutor Rachel Hooper, who told KTRH you might not understand how special it is to have Trump there.

“The last time that a sitting President spoke to the NRA members was 1983, and that was Ronald Reagan,” Hooper explained.

This will be the third year in a row Trump will be there. He's disagreed with the NRA on some gun issues, especially after the Parkland shooting in February, but Hooper says NRA members know at the end of the day he will be there for the Second Amendment.

“NRA members expect President Trump to speak his mind. That is why his supporters like and appreciate him,” Hooper stated.

There are protests that are expected outside of the convention. The mainstream media also made themselves a story this week, reporting that guns were banned by the NRA for the Trump and Vice President Mike pence speeches tomorrow. That isn't true; the ban was put in place by the Secret Service.

Other speakers at the convention this weekend include Governor Abbott, and both Texas Senators; Ted Cruz and John Cornyn.

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