Ladies, You’ve Killed Chivalry

Women have advanced to the level they can open their own doors, and pick up a check for dinner, but it’s come at a cost.

That’s the view of Fox News columnist Suzanne Venker, who thinks women have upset the natural order of things in their quest for equality.

“For the single scene it’s very problematic,” she tells NewsRadio 740 KTRH.  In marriages, I think there are a lot of people struggling with who is supposed to do what, and this is causing marriages to break down.  It’s an added stress that our mothers and grandmothers didn’t have.”

She says femininity is not a sign of weakness and it’s not a defect that needs to be overcome.  It’s an asset that compliments the inherent masculinity of men, and it takes the two genders to tango properly in life.

She suggests the impact of women’s drive for equality is lowering their sense of self-worth, and it has impacted males.

“They responded in kind.  And it had to do with the idea that man and women should not be treated differently from one another because they are equal, as in the same, and we have lost that natural respect for our differences,” Venker says.

Her recommendation is that women respect chivalry, and as a result, men will re-learn those high ideals of chivalry.

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