Burglars Love Houston Summers

So many people leaving their homes empty and ready for the picking.  Houston Police Department Officer Jason Knox says for you to prepare your home before you leave. Here are his suggestions:

  1. Make sure all your home’s doors and windows are locked.
  2. Install motion activated lights on your home’s exterior.
  3. Put timers on a few of your interior lights and vary the times they will turn on and off.
  4. Let a trusted neighbor know you’re leaving so they can keep a look out for unusual goings-on.
  5. Have someone pick up your mail, newspapers and occasional flyers on your doorstep.
  6. An alarm system would help!
  7. PLEASE --- DON’T POST your vacation photos on social media until you have been home for a day.

A recent study of inmates serving time for burglaries revealed what they said makes certain people easy targets.

  1. Your house is empty during the day.
  2. You have an easily accessible backyard.
  3. You have a window air conditioning unit.
  4. You have a thief in your midst.
  5. You make it obvious that you have valuables.
  6. You don’t have a dog.
  7. Your house is on a corner so that it has only one next-door-neighbor.
  8. Your house is hidden from the street by trees.

So, get central air conditioning and a shelter dog, cut down some trees and stop wearing all those diamonds!

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