Are Democrats losing millennial support?

You would think millennials would be solid Democrat voters. After all, the vocal younger voters mostly seem to support the left. But, a new poll shows something very different.

That online poll shows registered voters between 18 and 34 years old and their support of Democrats was down by about 9 points over the last two years. Hard to believe, right? Well, Allan Saxe with U-T Arlington says when you take out the vocal millennials, you see something different.

“It’s not too surprising when you look at it from a much more objective and quieter standpoint. I think it’s understandable,” Saxe explained.

So why are millennials abandoning the Democrats?

“As they get older; as they get a job and a paycheck and start to think for themselves, their ideas and perspectives may indeed change,” Saxe stated, adding that it’s exactly what happened to him as he got older.

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