POLL: U-T gets in on the ‘War on Masculinity’

It’s not just a myth. It’s real, and almost too real. There is a war being waged on masculinity by liberals and academic types. That war is being waged closer to home than you think.

The University of Texas in Austin will treat masculinity as a mental health issue, launching a program to help male students develop what they call a "healthy sense of masculinity." It’s the kind of thing that would make John Wayne turn over in his grave. Therapist Julie Nise told KTRH this is too much for her.

“I am so sick and tired of this nonsense being passed off as science or a direction that people should go,” Nise explained.

To her, this is not just about emasculating men; it goes a lot deeper.

“What they are really doing is inflicting evil with this left wing, feminized anarchy. This is purposely deconstructing the values, roles and the strength of families,” Nise explained.

U-T is justifying this program by saying masculinity can cause men to 'lash out' at other people and themselves.

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