Mueller investigation reveals a double standard

Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues to look into any alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, but he also seems to either be missing or completely ignoring wrongdoing that you would expect him not to miss or ignore.

And that wrongdoing by involves a number of people; James Comey, Andrew McCabe, aides to Hillary Clinton, and even Clinton herself. Republican strategist Debbie Georgatos told KTRH if you really were expecting that, you haven't been paying attention.

“Every attorney he has hired as part of his investigation team are all Obama and Clinton supporting leftist lawyers,” Georgatos explained.

And there is new polling from Fox that shows 71% of you think Trump will fire Mueller before he's done with his investigation. Georgatos wouldn’t advise that.

“This would be a politically dangerous decision. President Trump is in a stronger position if he lets this play out and lets the American people see how much collusion was going on with the Democrats,” Georgatos stated, adding that Mueller might find crimes committed by Paul Manafort, but that doesn't prove collusion between Trump and Russia.

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