More money for cereal, soup, soda and chocolate

You could be paying anywhere from pennies to quarters more for things like soda, chocolate, cereal and soup later this year.

Of course, costs will be passed on to consumers.

But, paper and cleaning product suppliers might also have to pitch in some money.

Lone Star College-University Park professor Hank Lewis said these companies might have fatter profit margins.

“They may basically, in order to prevent their sales from being stifled, take a smaller profit margin, at least in the short term, unless there are some changes,” said Lewis. “One of the big issues with that one was a trade ware. Certain types of paper that we send pulp to be processed and handed to you, that comes back as a finished product may end up having some tariffs slapped on them, which will rise of the cost of production.”

Transportation's another issue. Truckers face tougher regulations.

But, Lewis said Amazon might come to the rescue because it has an efficient distribution hub and keep transportation costs down.

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