Weather patterns are affecting our allergies

Forget that yellow stuff we saw last month, it's actually too big to cause an allergic reaction. It's the smaller pollen that causes symptoms.

Spring allergy sufferers started mid-month with oak pollen giving you grief.

Kelsey Seybold Clinic Houston allergist Dr. Eric Sandberg said the oak pollen has continued this year.

“We know that weather patterns definitely affect pollen counts. The interesting thing is that maybe some of the weather from last year, even can affect pollen counts in the subsequent years,” said Sandberg. “We’ve seen situations where a very dry year, where the trees are very stressed, that the following year, the pollen counts may be higher.” 

He said the next pollen to wreak havoc on Spring allergy sufferers will be pecan and hickory.

Sandberg added that besides pollen, in the Houston-area, irritants like air pollution, smoke, odor even perfume cause allergy-like reactions, as well.

You can check the pollen count in the Houston area here.

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