POLL: No boycott against MSNBC’s Reid for blog posts

As you might expect, Media Matters has decided not to go after MSNBC commentator Joy Reid for blog posts she wrote that are offensive to the LGBT community.

Now Reid did apologize and claims someone hacked her blog years ago. However, she admits no one can find evidence that the hacking actually happened, so Fox's Tucker Carlson says that excuse doesn’t fly with him.

“It was a crock, a total crock. We know it was a crock because her blog posts were archived by other websites including the Library of Congress,” Carlson explained.

Don Hooper with the Houston Community Forum told KTRH the left always seems to get a pass for things like this.

“They are never going to investigate or call out one of their own over a politically incorrect statement,” Hooper said.

And that includes that Fresno State professor who wished more death for the Bush family following the death of Barbara Bush two weeks ago. That professor hasn't been punished yet. Hooper says that's par for the course.

“Political correctness is only for the right. It’s never for the left,” Hooper stated, adding that the left has one goal; to stifle any thought they don't agree with.

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