Facebook isn’t going away, it’s getting stronger

Despite the #deletefacebook movement following privacy concerns, Facebook claims that even more people are now using the service.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged to devote this year to fixing problems including altering the formula that allow more status updates with "meaningful social interactions" from friends and family in people's news feeds.

Now through July, Facebook is running a video on TV and in movie theaters promising to do a better job of protecting user privacy.

KTRH talked with dozens of Houstonians who all had Facebook and none were worried about privacy matters and had no intention of deleting their account.

“I’ve been active in adjusting my settings. I feel comfortable,” said one woman.

“I’m a little apprehensive, but I just don’t know what I don’t know,” said one lady.

“I don’t like that there’s issue about it, I go there to get away, not to see everything that’s going on,” said another woman.

“There’s always going to be controversy, I mean, I’m comfortable with it,” said another lady.

“I don’t post very many things on there, so I wasn’t worried about that,” said one man.

Facebook's next quarterly report will include the Cambridge Analytica scandal's effect on user growth and engagement.

Also, new European privacy rules that take effect tomorrow that could impact second-quarter growth.

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