Don't hoard Money in a Checking Account

If you're sitting on your money because of market volatility you may be making a mistake. Financial analysts say Americans are hoarding money in their checking accounts.

America's Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman says checking account balances have been increasing every month this year.

"Particularly because of the trade war talk, people are getting much more cautious and therefore keeping more money their checking account -- earning zero."

Goodman says it's a bad idea to let your money stagnate.

"You're costs are going up; you see what's happening with health care costs; gasoline has gone up; interest rates on credit cards."

Goodman says your money should be earning you more money. he says an easy way to do that is with what's called a secured real estate fund -- which delivers an eight percent annual yield.

"What I've been doing with my money are called secured real estate funds, where you can get an eight percent yield over a one year time frame and you can get monthly checks if you like; reinvest if you like and a year later you can get your money out with no penalty whatsoever."

If you're hoarding, you're not alone; analysts say the median amount in checking accounts since 1991 is $2,263.

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