Gas Prices Are Still Rising

People are hitting the roads in unprecedented numbers, and the demand continues to drive up the cost of gasoline.

The Triple-A Texas Weekend Gas Watch finds the price for a gallon of unleaded regular is $2.58, on average, statewide.  That’s up six cents over last week, and up 26 cents from last year.  In Houston, it’s even more expensive.

Driven by an April demand unlike any we’ve seen before, Houston gas prices have jumped 50 cents per gallon over last year, up 4 cents over last week, now averaging $2.57 a gallon.

Midland is paying the most at $2.79, while Beaumont, San Antonio, Sherman/Denison, Texarkana and Wichita Falls are enjoying the lowest at $2.50.

According to the Energy Information Administration, the current demand for gas is even exceeding normal summer requirements, causing the increases.  It could be worse.  Five states have seen a double-digit increase in price.

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