Cruz: Antitrust Laws Could Rein in Facebook

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz suggests using antitrust laws to curb what he calls the “massive power” of Facebook and other tech companies.

Speaking to Breitbart News Tonight, the Texas Republican described Facebook's growing control over the flow of information as a threat to our democracy.

“By any measure, Facebook is larger and more powerful than Standard Oil was when the antitrust laws broke it up, it's larger and more powerful than AT&T was when the antitrust laws broke it up,” he said.

“Given that, I think we need to have serious consideration about the massive power we're seeing of these tech companies to subvert our democratic process.”

Cruz also suggested tech firms should be exposed to libel lawsuits to curb their political manipulation.

“If y'all go on the radio and say something that is slanderous, you can be sued.  If the New York Times prints something that is libel, they can be sued.  So why on Earth should Facebook get a special immunity from liability that nobody else does?”

If Facebook chooses to be a partisan political speaker, Cruz says it should not get special immunity from Congress.

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