Boomers Chose Vans Over RV’s

Their iconography included a VW bus with a flower painted on the side.

They were a generation of restless souls with a sense of wanderlust, and today Baby Boomers are at or close to retirement age, looking forward to hitting the roads of America and taking in the countryside.

But RV’s are a lot of work.

Instead, some Boomers are turning instead to high-end luxury vans.  Forget the hassles of parking an RV, or looking for campgrounds to stay in.  

Answering a growing trend over the past three years, van conversion companies are turning large Mercedes Benz and Dodge Ram vans into decked-out, leather-upholstered, high-tech, luxurious modes of transportation that boast wide-screen TV’s with satellite access, bars, beds and even toilets.

Everything a boomer could want, or afford.  Is this the life for you? Experienced roadrunners say it takes a certain type of individual, as ask the 9 Questions to determine if this is right for you.

Many can be found relaxing on social media using the hashtag #vanlife.

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