POLL: Teens Text a Different (Dangerous) Language

Acronyms have become the language of texts and social media posts, causing some parents to wonder if they speak the same language as their kids.

"These are acronyms that are so important for parents to be able to identify, so there is an open communication line."

Youth expert Margie Barilla, mother of three boys, saw firsthand what these kids are talking about on her son's phone. Now she recognizes acronyms like GNOC - get naked on camera.

"It's like once they leave school they start going under code and communication. And it's very important that parents start knowing who their friends are. And if they do, find out what communication level they're with."

AFAIK - as far as I know - IMO, in my opinion, children should not text messages like IWSN - I want sex now.

Cracking the Code: There are texting acronyms and abbreviations every parent should know. If your teen has a smartphone, there's a good chance they use them:

1. 9 or CD9: Parents are nearby

2. 99: Parents are gone

3. 143: I love you

4. 182: I hate you

5. 1174: Party meeting place

6. 53X: Sex

7. 2DAY: Today

8. 4EAE: For ever and ever

9. ADN: Any day now

10. ADR: What's your address

11. AFAIK: As far as I know

12. AFK: Away from keyboard

13. ASL: Age/sex/location

14. ATM: At the moment

15. CU46: See you for sex

16. DOC: Drug of choice

17. F2F or FTF: Face to face

18. FWB: Friends with benefits 

19. GNOC: Get naked on camera

20. GYPO: Get your pants off

21. HMU: Hit me up

22. IMO: In my opinion

23. IRL: In real life

24. IWSN: I want sex now

25. LH6: Let's have sex

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