Marshals, HPD Capture Gang Suspects, Guns, Drugs

Hundreds have been arrested for suspected illegal activity in MS-13 and other gangs ... and drugs, guns and cash have been seized ... in a joint crackdown in Houston.

"Operation Triple Beam" was a street-gang crime-reduction initiative -- a 90-day sweep with the Houston PD.

The effort concluded with a news conference Thursday.

Richard Hunter, chief deputy U.S. marshal for Texas’ Southern District of Texas, said the efforts led to 341 arrests, the seizure of 62 guns and $60,000 cash and the interception of more than $1 million in narcotics.

Texas is believed to be home to at least 800 members of the notorious MS-13, most of them thought to be in Houston.

Hunter said the Houston was the most successful "Operation Triple Beam" effort in the roving program's history.

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