HCTRA EZ TAG customers have been impacted again by a TxDOT system issue

Some Harris County Toll Road Authority EZ TAG customers are being charged tolls incorrectly by the Texas Department of Transportation TxTAG tolling system.

For EZ TAG customers who were sent TxDOT/TxTag invoices in error, TxDOT is aware and shared the following message:

For those customers with a valid EZ TAG account who were billed by TxTag, 

please disregard the bill. Please note, there is no need to contact TxTag or the 

Harris County Toll Road Authority regarding these tolls.

HCTRA Deputy Director Lisa Castaneda said their customers need to logon to their accounts and make sure the credit card on file is current and not expired and the license plates are correct.

“Check to make sure they have a positive balance. You’re looking for your account details and to make sure you see what license plates are active on your account,” said Castaneda.

She said after Hurricane Harvey, many people changed vehicles and license plates, but might have forgotten to update their account.

“You need to look in the garage, look at your license plate because if those aren’t the license plates that’s on that account, you might have violations,” said

TXDot issued a statement to KTRH:

On April 17, 2018, it was brought to our attention that some HCTRA tag customers were receiving TxTag Pay By Mail bills. We are working to apply the tolls to those customers who have current tag accounts and to investigate the cause of the issue. At this time, customers who have active tag accounts and who received a Pay By Mail bill do not need to do anything as we are correcting those accounts. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

TxDOT has informed HCTRA that they are working hard to identify and correct the issue for HCTRA EZ TAG customers whose tags should work on TxDOT roadways.

The transactions in question occurred between January and April 20, 2018. A similar incorrect tolling issue occurred last year.

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