A trend to not completely tear down the nest

There's a new trend when parents divorce. Instead of the children schlepping to a different locale, the children stay put and the parents take turns moving in and out...like birds coming and going from the "nest."Cordell & Cordell’s Bryan Abercrombie in The Woodlands said the "nesting agreement" isn't court ordered, but some do it short term while working on the divorce details.

“A of times they will try it so it gets the kids more used to spending time with one parent for a period of time, then spending time with the other parent a period of time,” said Abercrombie.

Psychologist Dr. Robyn DeLuca says stability for the children is the benefit.

“Having to have two places where they live. Where’s all their stuff? Where do they feel comfortable and safe? It’s a lot of disruption,” said DeLuca.

Abercrombie said it requires a lot of cooperation between the couple.

“On a short term basis, it does provide some flexibility. The biggest thing is that if you don’t want to uproot your kids it does provide stability and consistency,” said Abercrombie.

DeLuca said it's tricky for adults.

“They really have to plan ahead. Who’s going to be there when? Who’s going to pay for what, in terms of child support, food, maintenance. What happens if the washing machine breaks,” said DeLuca.

There’s even a new TV sitcom "Splitting Up Together" on this trend.

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