TxTAG Again Billing EZ Tag Customers Incorrectly

Harris County Toll Road Authority authorities "sincerely apologize for the inconvenience" to drivers with an EZ Tag who continue to be billed incorrectly.

The problem is being caused by "issues originating with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) TxTAG tolling system," according to the toll road authority.

"Customers who have HCTRA EZ Tag accounts and who use TxDOT’s Grand Parkway (or other TxDOT-operated toll roads) may have again received bills in error for toll transactions which should have posted to their EZ Tag TAG accounts," said Roxy Sibrian, the toll road authority's media relations manager.

TxDOT, for its part, said this a statement:

"For those customers with a valid EZ Tag account who were billed by TxTag, please disregard the bill. Please note, there is no need to contact TxTag or the Harris County Toll Road Authority regarding these tolls."

The same problem came up last year. When it did, "HCTRA worked diligently on our customers’ behalf to resolve the issue with TxDOT," says Roxy Sibrian, HCTRA media relations manager.

"TxDOT has informed HCTRA that they are working hard to identify and correct the issue for HCTRA EZ Tag customers whose tags should work on TxDOT roadways."

The latest incorrect transactions have taken place all year -- with EZ TAG customers being sent TxDOT/TxTag invoices in error.

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