POLL: GOP to target Hillary Clinton in midterm campaign

Hillary Clinton isn’t on the ballot in November, but the Republicans still plan to make her a big part of their focus when it comes to the campaign.

Republicans plan to lump her in with the Nancy Pelosi’s of the party. So expect to see a lot of Hillary references over the next several months. RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong says in a way, Hillary is doing this to herself.

“She’s the gift that keeps on giving. She keeps inserting herself into the conversation. She criticizes America overseas,” Armstrong explained.

But Democratic strategist Michael Kolenc sees it differently.

“They can’t run on Trump, so they have to figure out something else to run on. That doesn’t say much about the Republicans strategy,” Kolenc told KTRH.

Armstrong says that's not true. They can and will run on Trump's accomplishments.

“Trump still has a tremendous majority of support amongst Republicans and conservatives; those that elected him,” Armstrong stated, adding that going after Hillary in this campaign is only part of the plan, not the entire plan.

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