Houston, Most Distracted!

Houston is the most driver-distracted city in the U.S.! This is according to a new Zendrive study which measured telephone use while driving. Texas is the 6th most driving-distracted state. 

David Glessner of the Texas Department of Transportation says, “An AT&T study recently discovered that most Texas drivers said that smart phones are a distraction while driving – and 9 out of 10 of them admitted to using their phones while driving!”

And smart phones are the only distractions. Glessner says,  “at Tx-DOT we see accidents caused by someone driving while  visiting with their passengers, combing their hair, putting on makeup, shaving, eating, changing the radio station, swatting a child in the back seat --- we have seen it all!”

It only takes a second to veer into another lane, miss a red light, or suddenly slow down.  “Is it really that important to catch a phone call when it could give you a disastrous outcome? People are injured and killed by distracted driving.”

And if you're not the guilty one --- isn’t it scary to look at the driver next to you and see they're on their phone!?!  April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. If we become more aware of our own bad habits - maybe we won't be number 1 next year.

Click here to see the Zendesk survey results.

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