Your privacy is at risk again

Your privacy is about to be invaded again, and in a much more extreme way than you may have thought was ever possible.

Picture this; satellites watching your every move and having the ability to show it to someone else in real time. That's what Earth Now is promising. Security analyst Robert Siciliano with Hot Spot Shield tells KTRH this is too much for him.

“This is without a doubt the ultimate in surveillance. This is without a doubt the single most significant invasion of privacy there has ever been,” Sicialiano explained.

We are fine with our privacy being invaded to a degree for the sake of security, but Siciliano says that attitude is why companies feel they can push the envelope like this.

“That’s a fatalist and defeatist attitude. We still need to maintain a relative checks and balances to make sure this technology isn’t abused,” Siciliano said.

Earth Now claims the uses for this technology would include watching hurricanes as they evolve and catching illegal fishing in the act. And among the company's investors is Bill Gates.

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