New Koch ad campaign calls for congressional Dreamers fix

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You might notice a new ad campaign that’s about to come out endorsing amnesty for some illegal immigrants, and you might be surprised by the people behind that ad campaign.

It is the Koch brothers that are behind this seven figure ad campaign, just like they were earlier this year with a campaign supporting 'Dreamers.'

“We work hard, put food on the table, care for our families. And we pledge allegiance to this flag. We are patriots. We are dreamers,” the campaign that came out in February said.

David Ray with the Federation for American Immigration Reform told KTRH the fact the Koch Brothers are doing this really shouldn't surprise you.

“It’s no big secret the Wall Street wing of the Republican Party has always wanted open borders. The Wall Street Journal called for a Constitutional amendment to that effect years ago,” Ray said.

And he adds that the Koch Brothers are reading this issue all wrong.

“They are making a gross miscalculation if their thing an amnesty is going to bring out Republican voters in the upcoming midterm election,” Ray explained.

 In fact, recent polling that we told you about on Houston's Morning News showed Republicans care about the issue of immigration more than healthcare or tax reform

GOP mega donor billionaires the Koch brothers are set to release a seven-figure ad campaign to push amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in the United States, just months ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. We spoke with Dave Ray, communications director at FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform).

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