U.S. said to be lagging in move to 5G network

5G cell phones

Supporters say super-fast Fifth Generation wireless service is the Promised Land, but it's years away in the U.S. And we're trailing China and South Korea in deployment.

Tech guru Peter Shankman says 5G will leave the current 4G in the dust.

"If you imagine a highway where 4G has four lanes, 5G has twenty lanes."

But Shankman says our cell providers have been dragging their feet -- and that's nothing new.

"We didn't choose a cell phone network to be our primary network until about ten or twelve years ago; it's why up until several years ago you couldn't use your American phone overseas."

Shankman says 5G will also allow new technology to potentially save lives.

"I get on the subway in New York and my watch notices my heart is racing and determines I'm having a heart attack and is able to speak to the train operator automatically, bypassing the next few stations, coordinating with the ambulance so when we arrive at a station close to the hospital they're there waiting for me."

Shankman expects 5G to become popular in 2022. Supporters say the extra bandwidth of 5G will free up congestion at cell towers and allow you to stream media without buffering.

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