Horror films finding financial success at box office

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Hollywood has fallen in love with low-budget, independently produced horror films.  The blockbusters may come from comic book heroes, but slasher, scary movies are raking in the bucks.

John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place” opened last weekend with a $50 million dollar box office take, slicing easily through expectations. Though it cost $17 million to shoot, the film is expected to gross more than $100 million.  Horror has quietly become one of the most lucrative and popular genres in film.

Last weekend’s “Truth or Dare,” was made by the same production company that produced “Get Out” and “Split,” two of the biggest hits last year.

This weekend will add “Ghost Stories,” about which a movie review website says, “Critics Consensus: Ghost Stories offers a well-crafted, skillfully told horror anthology that cleverly toys with genre tropes while adding a few devilishly frightful twists.”

Last year the horror genre accounted for close to a billion dollars in box office receipts, possibly the best year ever, and this year there are a string of edge-of-your-seat popcorn horror movies waiting to scare your wits from your brain, among them: 

Hereditary – June 8

The First Purge: The Island – July 4

The Nun – July 13

Slender Man – August 24

Halloween – October 19

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