Netflix might be tracking you; what they know

Netflix headquarters

If you think you're the only one who knows your embarrassing binge watching habits, you're wrong.

Netflix gathers information on its users. Cybersecurity attorney Shawn Tuma said Netflix is nothing more than a computer database that has accessible movies.

“They know when we access it, what our search terms are, what our search history is, they know what type of device we’re using. They know the IP address just like any other computer database would know,” said Tuma.

They also know how long and what we're watching.

Netflix doesn't allow third-party advertising, but may share data for promotional offers, even law enforcement upon request.

Tuma said the silver-lining is the predictability and convenience.

“But all of that convenience comes at a cost, and we have to accept that. When you get a lot of convenience from something, you’re probably giving up a lot of privacy and/or security in the process,” said Tuma.

 If you delete your profile, email or phone numbers—especially your watch history, then your profile won't be active, meaning you won't have access to the service.

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