Study: Equal earnings help couples marry and stay together

It appears having an equal amount of wealth gives couples a leg up in a successful marriage.

Cornell University's Population Centre study found couples who earn more money are more likely to get married, but people with similar salaries to their partners also have a greater chance of staying together with them.

Divorce attorney Jim Mueller said there's less arguments about money because they're able to divvy things up 50-50.

“Nowadays the couples are waiting a little bit longer to get married, until they’ve established themselves financially,” said Mueller.  “Ninety-five percent of the divorces that I see, the arguments boil down to money.”

He said couples want to be established financially before getting married.

“They can have less of those arguments about money. It has less of those arguments about one spouse being in control of the funds and the other one being in the dark because they truly try to run things where everything is divided up 50-50,” said Mueller.

He said if both couples aren't wealthy, they also seem to work together, no one has more or less control.

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