It’s a Bird --- It’s a Plane --- It’s Superman’s Birthday!

Today Superman turns 80! On this day in 1938 Action Comics premiered with the first issue of the man of steel. He was the first comic book Super Hero and has been idolized on several television series, and like many of his buddies, on major motion pictures as well. Manager of Houston’s Bedrock City Comics Company, David Wahlen, gives us some insight

“Comics are like jazz --- a true American art form. Comics are a fantastic way to tell a fantastic story and the movie industry tapped into that potential.”

Why has he remained so popular over all these decades? Wahlen has an idea. “He is the ultimate super hero icon – a prevailing Boy Scout who stands to Truth, Justice and the American Way. And he’s kind.”

The original comic book was great in 1938 and may be greater now. Wahlen says. What was bought in the 30s for a dime now goes for a million dollars at auction! Think I'll check the attic.

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