How Facebook has your data even if you don’t have an account

Facebook might not be intentionally out to get you, but they certainly aren’t protecting you, either.

A Techpinions poll found people want to go back to that time before Facebook went public on the stock market, yet after it was available to non-college students.

Now, US consumers want more transparency from Facebook.

Did you know that even if you're not on Facebook, by default when your friends and family created their Facebook account, they shared all their e-mail contacts' information, too.

Facebook tracks you with pixels embedded in Web pages to monitor people’s actions online. Houston cyber security expert Peter Thomas said they get your e-mail, phone or physical address.

“They could probably tie two and two together...and they could sell that information, or application—not necessarily Facebook, but other applications can get that and sell that,” said Thomas.

He said Facebook monitors you via pixels embedded in Web pages to track people.

“When you sign up for Facebook, you’re encouraged to share your contacts and so even if you’re not on Facebook and you’re on that list they’re going to get you,” said Thomas.

Following a personal data breach of almost 100 million people, it's reported 10-percent of people have deleted their Facebook account.

“I thought that was a pretty high number. I just think that’s an initial gut reaction, you know people get so upset about something. You are going to find folks dropping out, that’s true,” said Thomas.

Thomas said it's going to be a cultural shift to get out of Facebook, but that might happen eventually over time.

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