Deadline to file taxes is here

Today is the day none of us like unless you are a personal accountant or you work for the IRS. It’s the deadline to file your taxes.

But before you get all worked up, there is some good news. Thanks to tax reform this is the last time you'll have the headache of dealing with all that paperwork.

“Nine out of ten Americans will be able to file using that simple post card system,” Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady, the man behind tax reform, told reporters in Washington yesterday.

CPA Bob Martin told KTRH that's the good news. The bad news is a lot of people wait until the last second to file.

“Most people are procrastinators. A lot of people are just getting their stuff together and asking people like me to help them out,” Martin stated.

And that leads to many people filing extensions. But Martin says there's a misconception about those, too.

“The big misconception is that you can delay payment by fining an extension and not incur any interest or penalties,” Martin explained.

But the fact is this. If you file an extension and owe taxes you'll be slapped with interest and penalties. So if you can make today's deadline, you're better off.

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