Build a Fort and Kill your Friends!

You may have seen some of the Astros celebrating with a dance from the video game "Fortnite." The free-to-play game is dominating the game world -- but some worry it may be inappropriate for little kids.

High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says Fortnite is so popular because it's fun.

"You play online; even though you're sitting in your living room, you play online with a team -- people you don't know physically -- from around the world."

Garfield says it's a game where you build forts and it looks like a cartoon.

"The graphics, although very sharp, it's rendered very cartoonish; everybody has an avatar and you can dress yourself up in different characters, like a pink bunny suit."

Garfield says those graphics are a double-edged sword; they're not very realistic, but their cartoon appearance entices little kids to play.

"It is up to parents; as a parent I have three boys and I have always been cognizant of what they're playing. I try to play the game and make sure they know it's a video game and not the real world."

Garfield says Fortnite mixes fort building with murder and cartoonish graphics that appeal to kids.

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