Trump's Border-Troop Security Grows by Hundreds

Texas continues its buildup of troops along the Mexican border.

It's Operation Guardian Shield, and it's a direct response to President Donald Trump's call for security.

Hundreds of Texas National Guard members have been flowing in for weeks ... and the phased-in deployment schedule puts the current number of troops at about 1,000.

The total National Guard count will be 1,400 when complete.

The growing force is assisting with support. The arrests of illegal border crossers remains the job of the Border Patrol.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continues to have concerns about gang and drug activity along the border.

He says Texans need and deserve the beefed-up protection -- which springs from a directive from President Donald Trump in the name of homeland security.

Abbott has said there's been a 200 percent increase in illegal crossings, and gang and drug activity, along the border just this year.

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