It's a dangerous World for Americans

If you're thinking about a trip to Cancun cartel violence may put a stop to it. Murders have spiked in one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Sandra Ortiz at Houston's Woodlake Travel says it has hurt tourism.

"I think it's hurt a little bit because I can tell you firsthand experience I've had; I had to switch a whole family within 36 hours."

Ortiz says it's a different world now.

"We used to think as Americans we were very safe and places that we went were safe; we're now seeing more that anywhere we travel in the world we have to exercise caution -- that's just anywhere."

This month, Cancun saw 14 murders in a span of 36 hours.

Ortiz says she can't recommend a trip to the city of Cancun these days.

"I would probably try to convince you to go elsewhere -- only because there are security alerts out and we want to make sure our clients are safe and we give them all of the information prior to traveling."

Because cartels are battling for control and murders are occurring at an alarming rate, the State Department has issued travel warnings for Cancun and Ortiz says tourism is understandably down.

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