POLL: Digital Kidnapping

We all know that there is NO privacy when it comes to social media. That lack of privacy also goes for all the photos you post of your children. That's  called "sharenting."

Parenting expert and author Harry Harrison says, “I do not like sharing the pictures of your children on the internet. It’s dangerous and counterproductive and parents who are doing it are looking for affirmation in the wrong place.”

It can seem innocent, but it could aid "digital kidnapping." where a stranger can steal your child's photo and post it as their own for various reasons - none of which are healthy. “I don’t know why anyone would post pictures of their children’s faces all over the internet. Their birthday, who their friends are, what their house looks like, where they go to school. This is information people without good intentions can use.”  Harrison explains if you can’t quit posting those adorable photos --- at least limit the people who can see them and NEVER include a location.

“Remember, the internet is forever.”

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