Author: Cashless America Could Become Gunless

Gun control advocates are looking to pounce on America's move toward a "cashless" society.  The left is quietly pressuring banking institutions to deny gun and ammo sales via credit or debit card.

“You take your credit card into a gun store and say I'd like to buy that gun over there, and they look at you and say well I'm sorry your credit card company will not allow us to sell a gun via their credit card,” says author Lowell Ponte.

Ponte recently wrote in American Thinker about New York's state comptroller who sent a threatening letter to several major credit card companies.

“He actually suggested these companies arrange their credit card paying system so that no one would be able to buy a gun, buy ammunition or buy gun parts or accessories.”

Ponte says the first step is to eliminate large cash transactions altogether to track your credit and debit card purchases more closely.

Dan Zimmerman, managing editor of The Truth About Guns says "Operation Choke Point," under the Obama administration, targeted what it deemed "dangerous" transactions such as selling firearms and ammunition.

“And those financial institutions that engaged in that business were subject to more scrutiny, FDIC examination and the like,” he says.

Both call it another backdoor attempt at gun control.

“There are a number of governmental and other large companies that have sought to exert influence over financial institutions and who they choose to do business with,” says Zimmerman.

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