AAA: Save Money, Buy Regular

With gas prices on the rise in recent months, is it still worth putting premium in your tank?

Just because you fill your Ford Fusion with premium it doesn't mean it will run like a Lamborghini, and in some cases it may actually hurt your car.

“Really the only time you need premium fuel or a higher octane fuel is when your vehicle's owner manual calls for that,” says Daniel Armbruster at AAA Texas.

Today's regular gas is cleaner than in years past, choosing premium when you don't have to is just a waste of money.

“Eight-seven octane usually will work for a general family car, but check that owner manual just to be sure,” he says.  “If you want to spend the money you can, but research from AAA shows that from between 2010 to now we've seen the gap between mid-grade and premium-grade fuels, that gap has been getting wider and wider.”

Gas prices right now in Houston are averaging $2.47 a gallon, 22 cents higher than a year ago, but still 20 cents lower than the national average.

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