We’re Number One When It Comes To TV

It’s no surprise that Americans watch more TV than anyone else in the world.  With the influence of online niche programming, there is just so much to watch on TV!

“Creating content for a particular niche audience makes great business sense,” says Texas Tech Professor and Pop Culture Librarian Rob Weiner. “You have an almost-guarantee that the people in that niche are going to tune in.”

He concluded, “We have always wanted to be idle for a while and taken away to another place and time. Just think of watching Andy Griffith and enjoying the citizens of Mayberry.”

We watch an average of 4 hours a day 25% more than the rest of the world. That's still more than online watching - but those numbers will be changing.<PSI_END_OBJECT>

“Remember --- there wasn’t ANYBODY watching online entertainment until recently --- and those numbers are going to change significantly,” Bob Thompson of Syracuse University told us.  “The influence of non-network programming and content we find on the internet has changed the way we look at watching a screen at home. No wonder we watch more than anyone else --- there just so much to see!”

Thompson sees traditional television will soon become a thing of the past.

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