Millennials aren’t worked up over Facebook controversy

While Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg gets grilled by Congress, and some Facebook users are outraged over the current Cambridge Analytica scandal, the generation that likes to complain about almost everything is strangely quiet.

You aren’t millennials complain about this at all. So why is that?

“My generation has become numb to the threat of this oversharing of our personal information, explained Gabrielle Bosche with The Millennial Solution.

Bosche tells KTRH this is leading to issues for the kids of these millennials, who will grow up not understanding how important it is to protect your information.

“They don’t have the critical thinking to think through whether it’s worth it to give someone access to their private information,” Bosche stated.

So Bosche says because of all of this, it might be a good idea for school to start teaching kids about cyber privacy.

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