POLL: It’s getting tough to find a home near work

If you are looking for a new home, and you want it near where you work, your search isn’t easy these days.

A new study from Trulia comes to that exact conclusion, and Alex Doubet of Door Homes says despite the good economy we have in Texas and Houston the same thing is happening here that he is seeing in other cities.

“It’s an issue in Houston. Inventory is tight. New listings dropped five percent year over year,” he said.

So who is having the hardest time finding an affordable home these days? Amanda Timm with the Houston office of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation says it's those people you count on every day in different walks of life.

“It’s teachers and first responders,” Timm explained. “It’s also other folks who provide support in schools as well as the public sector.”

Timm also says the problem is bigger in Houston because of the damage that Hurricane Harvey did last year. Restaurant workers also say they have trouble finding an affordable home close to work, and 'affordable' is defined as 31% of your paycheck.

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