Houston, We Have a Home Health Care Problem

Good help really is hard to find!  Many Houstonians who can no longer fully take care of themselves want to stay home and just get a little help. But there is a shortage of home health care workers and many people in need are having a hard time.

This could affect you or your parents soon. Houstonians over 65 will soon outnumber those under 18. Andrea Mosher of Synergy Home Health Care in Conroe says there are a few reasons for the shortage.

“Low unemployment is low in the Greater Houston area and we need people with real home health care experience. They can be hard to find.”

She suggests more recruiting will help ease the pain.

“We encourage people between careers and recent graduates who was a very fulfilling career to go to a CNA school and go through the Certified Nursing Assistant Program.”

The lack of help is also putting a strain on family caregivers who need a regular break. They are experiencing burn out at an escalating rate!

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