"Dirty" Veg at Grocery Store

Beware of your supermarket produce section.

The Environmental Working Group released its Third-Annual "Dirty Dozen" list of fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide residue.

Their study shows about one-third of all strawberry samples had at least ten pesticides. Nearly 97-percent of their spinach samples also had chemical residue.

Overall, the group says nearly 70-percent of all conventionally grown produce contains pesticides.

The Dirty Dozen:

1. Strawberries

2. Spinach

3. Nectarines

4. Apples

5. Grapes

6. Peaches

7. Cherries

8. Pears

9. Tomatoes

10. Celery

11. Potatoes

12. Sweet bell peppers

Plus: Hot peppers

The Clean Fifteen:

1. Avocados

2. Sweet corn

3. Pineapples

4. Cabbages

5. Onions

6. Sweet peas, frozen

7. Papayas

8. Asparagus

9. Mangoes

10. Eggplants

11. Honeydew melons

12. Kiwis

13. Cantaloupes

14. Cauliflower

15. Broccoli

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