The next trend for vacationing millennials may be Boredom.There are even companies that specialize in a boring cabin in the woods with a lock box for your mobile phone no mirrors on the walls.

Travel industry veteran Elena Pelsinger of Katy Van Travel says this isn't new...she used to send people to places like this often.

“We sent folks to Belize so they didn’t have to talk to anyone if they didn’t want to. They could just watch the waves and hear the birds. Totally unplug.”

So why has it returned for people so young?

“They work a lot and feel they are always on demand. They want to unplug and re-charge their batteries.”

There's an industry for the Millenial Boredom Vacationer where you stay in a lonely cabin in the woods with no cell phone reception, no tv,  - just your thoughts and the birds in the trees to listen to. 

Boredom. It's not just for waiting rooms any more!

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