Mexico takes Trump to task, but they militarize their border too

The move by President Donald Trump to send the National Guard to the Texas-Mexico border has been met with what can only be considered a hypocritical reaction from Mexican officials.

Those officials, including President Enrique Pena Nieto have taken Trump to task for the move, but Texas State Representative Dennis Bonnen tells KTRH Mexico has military personal at their border themselves.

“They absolutely do and they always have. They want to continue to have a free flow of illegal aliens into the U.S.,” Bonnen said.

That's because Bonnen says Mexico benefits economically from their citizens making it here illegally.

“They love having their citizens come across into our state and into our country, and send those dollars back into the country. It’s a great economic driver for Mexico,” Bonnen explained.

Elsewhere, Governor Abbott said last night that Texas will commit at least 1,000 National Guard troops to the Mexico border in response to President Trump's call.

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