Proposed law would change how police can act

Following the shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, supporters of gun control are urging California lawmakers to pass a bill that would restrict when police could use their weapons.

The law that is being considered in California would only permit law enforcement to shoot when "necessary," not when "reasonable." It’s important to note that no one has brought that idea up for passage in Texas. Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls says he isn't shocked by what’s going on in California at all.

“They are the same people that want to take guns away from everyone in America, other than the criminal. They are the same people who say we shouldn’t have AR-15’s anywhere in America. This doesn’t surprise me,” Nehls explained.

And he says the gun control supporters have a misconception about police that needs to be cleared up.

“There’s not an officer in this entire country that will go to work today that will say to themselves that they want to legally kill someone today,” Nehls stated, adding that police need to make a split second decision as to when to use their weapons, and that this law could do more harm in the end than good.

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